Why Am I Blogging?

Dennis TrittinSome folks have asked this technological dinosaur why I’m blogging. The primary answer is that my subject matter naturally lends itself to interactive dialogue with my audience! I will be looking forward to feedback from readers on my book—which pointers resonated and which ones didn’t, where should I take my work, and how we can use this book and other resources to better prepare our kids for adulthood. Of course, another reason is to help get the word out about my book.

The initial phase of my work centers around the book and companion study guides that are being developed. What happens next will be influenced, in part, by audience feedback. For example, now that I’ve written a book containing success principles and life pointers, is the next step to:

  • Write more detailed guides covering some subject matter (e.g. finance)?
  • Solicit reader-supplied pointers that I neglected to include in this edition as preparation for the next version?
  • Create a DVD series?
  • Create a workshop or webinars?
  • Write a book with parents as the audience?

Clearly, there are several different avenues I can take—the question is which will have the greatest potential value. That determination will guide my decision.

I look forward to your input and will take it to heart! Thanks in advance.

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