Let’s Take the Integrity Challenge!

It seems last week’s email, “The Power of (Your) Words,” really resonated with people. Those who responded told me they found it both challenging and convicting.  Several also mentioned they thought the world would be a much better place if EVERYONE heeded its message: to only say things about other people that you wouldn’t mind them overhearing. I couldn’t agree more.
Of all the success pointers in What I Wish I Knew at 18, I think this is possibly the most dynamic—and the most difficult—to uphold. It’s so easy to fall short on this one. Somehow we have this warped view that tearing others down builds us up. You’d think we would outgrow it as adults, but all too often, we don’t.

So, I want to throw out an idea.
What if we started a movement to take this “Integrity Challenge” to heart?

What if teachers and school administrators everywhere challenged their students to live by this principle and see the difference it makes? What about all of us adults in our workplaces, families, and social settings? What if it became a way of life in how we think, relate, and communicate about others? Can you even imagine the possibilities? It might just change the world—in a very good way!

Are you game to try…and, if so, to spread the word?


I’d love to hear if you’re going to take me up on the challenge. Please leave a comment below to let me know you’re in. Then share the link–and the challenge–with your friends!

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