Excellence Is about Planning, Preparation, and Performance

Now here’s a thought for all the students in your life who are back in high school and college after the holidays. Hopefully the New Year has provided new impetus for a fresh start and a renewed outlook on the school year—maybe even on life!
Here’s the thought: You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get GOOD GRADES!

There are METHODS students can learn for doing well in school. To discover them, it’s important to understand the secrets to academic achievement: 



  1. PLAN.  The first success ingredient is good planning. This involves making a study calendar a few days out. You can find a reproducible homework and study planner on our website.
  2. PREPARE.  This means staying committed to your study schedule, becoming a skilled time manager, and finding a study environment that works best for you. You can use the reproducible daily schedule on our website to help with this.
  3. PERFORMANCE. Deliver what your audience (i.e., teacher or professor) is looking for and enter your exams with supreme confidence that you’re prepared to excel. Be rested, alert, and ready to go.

If your students can fully appreciate the need for planning, preparing, and performing, they’ll be well on your way to achieving repeatable academic success. In this increasingly competitive world, academic performance is critical!
How have YOU helped the students in your life become organized and disciplined studiers? Share your ideas with our online community of parents, educators, and youth organizations; we’d love to hear from you!

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