Be on Role Model Behavior around Kids

One of the funny things in life is that kids like to play “grown up” while grown ups wish they could be kids again!
Kids are highly impressionable creatures. They mimic their heroes through the clothes they wear, the way they talk, the music they listen to, and the hairstyles they choose. I vividly remember how the Beatles impacted the fashion and hairstyles during the Sixties. By today’s standards it seems pretty tame, but back then our parents didn’t seem to think so! After all, it didn’t stay “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You” for very long.
If kids are impressionable and prone to imitate, we who are older (and presumably wiser) ought to be on our best behavior when they’re around. After all, they look up to us! Kids will automatically assume that what’s good enough for us is good enough for them. And, why shouldn’t they?
Unfortunately, many of today’s younger and less mature professional athletes and entertainment stars fail to appreciate or even accept this role. Sadly, you can see it reflected in the crude behavior of their fans and followers…whether at the games or the mall.
You have the power to positively influence younger people through your behavior and mentoring. There’s no substitute for positively impacting a kid. Seize those opportunities, but remember: they’re watching you like a hawk!
Do you make it a point to be on role model behavior when kids are around? In what ways? Share your experiences and ideas with our online community!

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