Indonesia, Here We Come!

When I wrote What I Wish I Knew at 18, I was hopeful that its message had global appeal. But, like any author, you put your work out there for all the world to see, having no clue whether this would ever become a reality—especially for an upstart self publisher!
Imagine my surprise, then, when a global educational consultant specializing in Asia, Gaylord Anderson, urgently invited me in January to his home. (A friend had given him a copy of our works and, after his review, he had a BIG idea to share.) After describing his background of training teachers around the world and his love of, and expertise in, Indonesia, he boldly stated that our leadership program is exactly what the country has been looking for. And, he wanted to help make it happen!
For the next few months, Gaylord strategically handed out his limited quantities of books and guides to Indonesian leaders in the business, education, faith, and media communities. In each case, their feedback was overwhelming. They asked if he could convince the author to offer this work in their country. 
Encouraged by their comments, Gaylord “happened” to see an area publisher’s sign on a walk from his hotel and he stopped in to meet the president. “You must read this work and see for yourself whether this should be published in Indonesia,” he stressed. A week later, their answer was “yes,” and they wanted to be the ones to do it.
Ten days later, I received a proposal to co-publish our work from the president of Kesaint Blanc Publishing, Laura Prinsloo, who was effusive about the opportunity for these resources to impact her country. It was clearly meant to be. In a few months, a wonderful partnership has grown between LifeSmart Publishing and Kesaint Blanc Publishing. It couldn’t have gone any better…despite tight deadlines and creating English and Bahasa language versions of our resources before August!
Tonight I leave for the adventure of my lifetime—my first trip to Indonesia to officially launch our work at major conferences and workshops throughout the country! I’ll be meeting with major dignitaries in the education, business, media, and faith communities, spreading this universal message of honorable leadership to a country that’s hungry for it. I’ll also meet with parents and young people at my various talks, seeing firsthand the warmth of a people I’ve heard so much about.
What a blessing it’s been to see this completely unexpected opportunity unfold and to make such great new friends across the globe. Sure, I’m a little nervous, but I know I’m in great hands…both from above and at the airport in Indonesia who will be there to welcome me.
Hello Indonesia! See you in a bit!